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Circle R Rentals: Your Go-To Equipment Rental Service in Longview, Texas

Established in 2023, Circle R Rentals in Longview, Texas, is your trusted partner for high-quality trailer and equipment rentals. We offer a wide range of well-maintained and reliable equipment to meet your project needs. Our commitment at Circle R Rentals goes beyond providing top-tier equipment. We're dedicated to exceptional customer service, ensuring you get the right tools for your specific project. Our team, knowledgeable and approachable, is always ready to assist you. Safety is a top priority for us. Every piece of equipment is rigorously inspected and maintained, guaranteeing performance and safety for your team. As a local business invested in East Texas, we're proud to support and contribute to the growth and success of our community. Contact Circle R Rentals today for all your equipment rental needs and experience the difference we bring to your projects.


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Maxx-D T6X (Tilt Trailer)

Rental Rates:

Monday - Thursday
  • Daily: $120
  • Week: $600
Friday - Sunday
  • Daily: $120
  • Weekend: $240

Trailer Information:

Rent the Maxx-D T6X Tilt Deck Trailer - Power and Performance at Your Fingertips

Need a heavy-duty trailer for your next big project? The Maxx-D T6X Tilt Deck Trailer is here to deliver, now available for rent. Perfect for both professional and personal use, it brings efficiency and reliability to your transportation needs.

Reasons to Rent the Maxx-D T6X

1. **Easy Loading and Unloading**: With its innovative tilt deck design, you can load and unload heavy equipment effortlessly, without the need for ramps.

2. **Durable Construction**: Made from high-grade steel, the T6X is built to endure tough conditions and heavy usage, ensuring it’s ready for whatever task you have.

3. **Versatile for Various Needs**: Ideal for transporting construction machinery, recreational vehicles, and more, this trailer is your go-to for a wide range of hauling requirements.

4. **12k lbs Winch Installed**: Equipped with a powerful 12,000-pound winch, the T6X makes moving even the heaviest loads a breeze, adding an extra layer of convenience and capability.


Make Your Next Move with the Maxx-D T6X for a trailer that combines strength, versatility, and advanced features, choose the Maxx-D T6X Tilt Deck Trailer. Contact us to rent this powerhouse and elevate your hauling experience.


Rental Requirements 

.Valid Drivers Licens

.Proof of insurince on vehical that will be towing the trailer

.$150 Refundable deposit

.a valid credit/debit card on file

Trailer Details:


  • Hitch: 2 5/16"
  • Coupler Height: Adjustable
  • Length: 22 ft
  • Width: 8.5 ft
  • Axles: 2
  • Tires: 10 ply
  • Brakes: Electric
  • GVWR: 14,000 lbs lbs
  • Curb Weight: 4,000lbs lbs


  • (1) 12K winch
  • (1) Jack
  • (4) D Ring


  • (1) 4 way lug wrench
  • (1) Spare Tire
  • (1) Bottle Jack
  • (4) Rachet staps
  • (1) Winch Remote
  • (1) 2 5/16" Hitch

This Tilt Trailer is located for Rent in our Longview , TX Location


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